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North by Northwest.

If I judged a film by its filmed quality then the score would not be high. But I’m not a crazy cynical loon, so this is not how I score a film. And I also don’t score it by fancy things, like camera angles and the overall cinematic experience. North by North West is not a film that’s really stuck with me, I might remember it more if I was writing this on a serene beach with some jazz on in the background. But sadly this is not the case, I’m am stuck on an increasingly hot bus, with increasingly loud music, at the moment Mr Brightside is playing from a tinny speaker, and my memory is rapidly decreasing.

Pre-able aside, I can remember a few scenes from this film, and despite the fact that it was made in the 60s it’s surprisingly good, a timeless classic oldie. Everything in this film seems to slowly be escalating, and I feel like the ending is a bit of a let down. The story builds and builds, you can feel the characters frustration and disbelief at his surroundings. And then in the end it’s all sunshine and children skipping through fields of flowers, with little animals coming from everywhere. It’s just too nice, I’m not saying I want someone to die, although that would make things more interesting… actually thinking about it, someone did die, but it was one of the bad guys, so that doesn’t really count.

Near the end with the plane, where the guy with creepy eyes shoots the big baddy, I thought he actually shot him! Because the face that big baddy pulled, it was like he’d actually been shot. What a weirdo. Plus, I don’t get what was in that random expensive ceramic figure that everyone was after. That’s a nice 8/10 for moi.

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Cool Hand Luke.

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After watching this film I thought, that was great, but there’s no way I’m going to remember it by the time I get round to writing the blog. But here I am, one week on, and it’s as if I just watched it, plus the love I had for the film hasn’t died away.

Speaking of death, in most films, when they kill off the main character, like in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, I am left confused and annoyed, that after everything they just killed off the main character, or in this case characters. But in this scenario, I’m not annoyed at all, I didn’t see it coming, but I liked the fact that that’s how it ended. It was nice, I don’t mean that in a weird way, it just seemed like a good call by the director. Although, the other guy, that escaped with Luke in the truck, I can’t even remember his name,and can’t be bothered to look it up I disliked him that much. He was just a bit of an idiot wasn’t he?! Near the end when he said something on the lines of ‘ I don’t know why I came with you, I only had a few years left’ at that point I just thought, your’re a bit dim aren’t you. I did not like him at all, the way at first he was against Luke, and then he was all chummy, after Luke ate 50 eggs, counting his money for him. Oh, and the whole egg eating thing, that was just mad, wasn’t it! the way he just announced ‘I can eat 50 eggs’ and then asked why 50, he just said that it seemed like a nice round number. He’s the sort of person that sometimes you’d like to be because he’s so care free and easy going, but then at other times he just seems reckless and stupid.

I’m not to sure that I understand why this film is called what it is. I get that he’s called Luke, and that he plays everything cool, he doesn’t plan, or complain. But hand? This I do not understand, maybe it’s referring to a card game, like in the film where his hand (of cards) was awful, but he still bet and put more money forward. Well, maybe I just needed to think it through, because now the title makes complete sense.

There are so many catch phrases in this film like in Die Hard when he says “I’m going to count to three… And there will be no four…” expect they’re not as wordy, or as cool as that, but nonetheless awesome. They depend more on the accent that they’re spoken in, so the great catchphrases I got from this film was ” I can eat 50 eggs” and “we ain’t had one o’those before”. And I love these, but it doesn’t do them justice to just be written, you’ll have to watch the film to enjoy them properly. 9/10.

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Gravity (2013)

7.8/10 on IMDb. 96% Rotten Tomatoes. Gravity is a well liked film. Why? It can be summed up by this one generic sentence ” Sad astronaut with little experience has a bad time in space, but survives against the odds”.  Its got Sandra Bullock, its got George Clooney, yet it still manages to bore me. I have to admit that some of the scenes are pretty good, but five awesome minutes of a ninety minute film don’t make that a film good.

It felt as though the director had a lot more going on in his head, and we didn’t get that information, so we weren’t invested in the characters, so when they died, not to be cold or anything, but I didn’t really care.

I don’t know what else to say about this film. It bored me, I can’t really remember it and, if given the option to watch it again I would decline. I was excited to see it, I was told it was good, but it didn’t tick the box for me. Six out of ten.










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The Blues Brothers.


The following content may be slightly bias due to the fact that, I LOVE THIS FILM, if anyone does not feel this way, then go to a doctor and get your head examined but first; prepare to be proven wrong.

When I was watching this film I got the sense that the director was trying to highlight the little things in life, that might just be me being a bit weird and over analyzing things, but that’s just a vibe I was getting. There are so many things going on in society at the moment it’s hard to keep up. For example, I had my room decorated the other day, and thus had to move myself, and my belongings out, and when I moved out I left my alarm in there. My alarm also doubles as my daily news source, (this is due to the fact that it’s also a radio,so I though why not?) and that was all fine, until I got to school. Can you guess what everyone was talking about? What everyone knew about apart from me? They where all talking about how Avicii had died. I can tell you now that i was not a  happy bunny that, or for the rest of the week for that matter. And that was only one day without me listening in to the news. What would’ve happened if it had been longer? I’m going to go off on a tangent now, I just thought I’d forewarn you. I was listening to the radio the other day (before my room was decorated) and they where talking about these people who and signed themselves up for a TV program, these people were to got to a desolate island, and live without any technology for a year. Now, the world that these people came back to was very different to how they imagined. Firstly, because they thought they’d be celebrities, but in fact the show hadn’t been aired for some reason. And secondly because legends had died, Bowie, Prince, Trump was president and we were leaving the EU. I bet they wished they’d stayed on the Island. But now do you see how crazy busy everything is?  I think we should focus on the smaller things, like this film does. I mean sure, Meghan and Harry got married today, Trump probably made another sexist remark, but who really cares that much. It doesn’t really matter, I bet no one gets woken up by the birds at 4:00AM and thinks about how beautiful a noise it is, they just think about how annoying it is and get angry at the birds. We don’t appreciate the smaller things, now I’m not saying we should all wake up at 4:00AM to listen to the birds, but if it does happen we should just listen to them. The Blues Brothers zones in on this idea. Like when he gets out of prison, and doesn’t moan about it (well maybe he does a bit, but not much) he thinks about visiting people, the car, little mundane things, and he finds happiness in those.

Another great thing about the film that I can’t not mention is the music. I really don’t know what to say, sometimes it was a little cringy when they were dancing and pulling faces, I wasn’t too sure if they where doing it as a joke,or seriously, but I’ve got a feeling it was the later. However, for the rest of the time it was great, they may have played the same songs, but they where some great songs, and by the end I knew all of the lyrics. So I got enjoyment, entertainment and it left with feeling enthused, that’s a sturdy eight out of ten for me.

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In the line of fire.

Clint Eastwood in In the Line of Fire (1993)

It seems wrong to start a blog post with the title of a film that the blog is not about, so I’ve written this sentence to avoid the aforementioned problem. Changing Lanes, Troll Hunter, 12 Angry Men, and The Village. These four films have been floating around my conscience for a few weeks now. Which is peculiar as I didn’t particularly like the first two, also I watched them all sometime last year, and my memory is especially bad. So I’m quite chuffed at the fact that I have remembered them, I was pondering over the idea of remembering In The Line Of Fire in a years time, something makes me strong doubt that I will…



Guy has to protect someone,then that someone dies. Guy wants to redeem himself. Guy has someone else to protect, but is still tormented by the first someone dying. Something death related keeps guy on his toes, and then guy falls in love. Guy saves the day, and gets shot in the meantime. Guy gets girl, happy ending.

These vague six sentences sum up so many films. It’s the same boring story line that directors keep coming back to. Why? Like I said its boring, and you can’t make a better film than this of its genre, so just stop. Most people, when they think of this film remember the scene where Clint is running alongside the presidents car. But all I can remember is the scene where Clint and Rene are sitting by Lincoln’s statue and he’s explaining that most of the stuff that they do is just for show, like running alongside the presidents car, they’re not actually going to stop anything from happening. If someone shoots at the president in the car, some people running next to it aren’t going to stop that bullet. And I feel that is a heartfelt moment, I don’t know why, perhaps it’s just me, but at that moment in time I saw Clint not as Clint, but as Frank, and then the moment was ruined by him winking, which happened various times through out the film, and can only be described as odd. Seven out of ten.


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The Impossible – But was it really?

Image result for The Impossible

A little negativity never hurt anyone, so I’m just going to have a small rant about what I didn’t like about this film.

I don’t really get why its called The Impossible, I understand that it must’ve been very hard for them to survive, and then all be reunited again. But still, I’m sure there were lots of families that survived, admittedly I know that many didn’t, but I don’t feel that it was ‘impossible’ . Also they managed to do survive, and be reunited, so it definitely wasn’t impossible.

There where some truly odd scenes in this film, like when the mum was just floating up towards the surface of the water, with bikes and plants, and bits of cars surrounding her. I just didn’t really get it. What exactly was the point in that bit? Anyway, rant over, I told you it was only a little one, now for the positive…

I keep on thinking this film is called ‘the tsunami’ but I’m glad its not for the obvious reason that it’s way harder to spell. I suppose the main plot of this film was given away by my first sentence; its about a tsunami. And wow, CGI is getting good! It’s pretty mad just how crazy good it is, but then its really not the craziest thing that’s happened this century. Just look at how many celebrities have died, and don’t even get me started on the politics. 18 years in and the world’s gone mad.

Aside from the CGI being spot on, the make up is superb, especially the scene where the mum’s got a gammy leg, it is absolutely revolting, but you’ve just got to be in awe of how awesome it is. I don’t know who does the makeup for the film, and I can’t be bothered to look it up, but kudos to them. I feel like there must have been many late nights filled with intense wound drawing practice, I can do a pretty good bruise on my hand, but that’s as far as my talents stretch.

I feel like this is a very realistic film, I mean obviously, duh, it’s based on a true story. But the moments where the eldest son was scared and embarrassed to see his mum in such a bad state that he had to go and do something else. It felt as though I was watching something very personal and private. I’m not sure whether I like this though, I mean, this is obviously because the actors are so much better than most, but I felt like I was intruding, and that was what I didn’t like.

Well, as you can see, the positive paragraphs dominated this blog post, therefore, I will have to award The Tsunami, I mean, The Impossible eight out of ten.

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Scent of a Woman.

Al Pacino and Chris O'Donnell in Scent of a Woman (1992)I am currently eating a kiwi; while I am eating this delicious kiwi I am thinking of something to write about Scent of a Woman… Well, now I have a picture, but only two sentences of pointless waffle.

As soon as I had typed ‘scent’ into google Scent of a Woman came up, which I think just goes to show how amazing this film is. I could’ve been typing ‘scents that are pungent enough to remove the smell of a dying soul’ or ‘scent addict’ which is an unusual site about finding the perfect perfume for you, their tagline is ‘start your scent adventure’; which I think is fabulous. I’m not saying that I would ever type either of those things into google, but it could’ve been any random thing, and yet the first thing that came up was Scent of a Woman.

At first you might think this film about an oddball who goes around smelling women, but it’s so much more than that, I mean one of the main characters is a bit of an odd guy who goes around smelling women, but that’s not all he does, he also sniffs Wensleydale, I’m referring to the rare sheep breed Wensleydale, not the cheese… No, I’m just kidding, he’s blind. That means that he can’t see them, I suppose that’s a bit obvious because he’s blind, but I’m not going to delete that as it took up a lot of finger energy. I love this film, and I’m not too sure why, I can’t pin point where this love has come from, but never the less it is a truly brilliant film that I recommend to everyone. Even though I love this film very much, I can’t bring myself to give it a ten out of ten because I’m saving myself for something truly amazing that I want to watch again immediately after. Although, saying this I now remember that after watching it I wanted to think about it for a while and let it sink in. Oh my gosh, what’s happening to me? That’s so mature. A bit like Wensleydale… Nine out of ten.

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I am writing now to my future self. My future self is either very bored and has nothing better to do than read this blog post, or they are in need of a good film. And I am afraid to say that they will get neither out of this post, as it is very likely to be boring and the film was not as I expected. So, to future me I, if your still reading, I have a question; do you still enjoy Inception, War of the Worlds and The Matrix? Because if not, if you like a clear answer to everything, then go and play around with pi or something, because this film is full of questions with no answers. Well, there are answers but you’ll have to look on IMDb for those.

I have waited for an excruciatingly long time for this film to become free (about 3 weeks), and although I have wanted to watch it very much, I am not prepared to pay £3.49 for a film that is mine for two days or something. Crazy. Anyway, it is now on Netflix, and I got excited, and I watched it, and I am… disappointed? Maybe that’s a bit harsh, but I built up this film so much and when it had finished I was a bit like, oh is that it? I love these genres, the sort where kids are spies or assassins but you very rarely find a good one, so although this film was great when I was watching it, I’m not really drawn in to watch it again. Despite this it still remains an action packed film, it will take you on an aesthetically pleasing whirlwind adventure of a girl with hidden talents (which includes killing people) she will appear vulnerable, scare you, amuse you, and leave you feeling confused.

If you want an interesting cinematic experience that will leave you smarter, watch David Attenbourough ramble on about some fish or something, if you want a watch once love it drama/thriller watch Hanna. Eight out out of ten.

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The Others.

Alakina Mann in The Others (2001)

Some may call me lazy, but I think that is downright rude. I am not lazy, I am simply gifted in areas that others are not. People who call another person lazy are jealous. These are the kind of people who invite their neighbours round their house and then on the next day follow them around the supermarket to make sure that their neighbours are not buying any of the same products as them. Distrusting backstabbers.

Anyway, in my sloth-like nature I usually do not write a blog until the very last moment. So there’s usually a week in between watching the film and writing about it. That is also a lot of time to forget a film, and so consequently I’m spending a good five minutes to remember something that happened a week before, which is quite worrying really. But luckily this week no proper thinking was involved, I can remember every scene in my head. This is such an excellent film, I’m very bad at describing things but I will have a go… It is like that amaze balls moment after you get something you have been waiting for, after a year or something crazy like that. Except the thing is just the visual deliciousness of the film. If you do watch this film I suggest watching the extra informational well, it adds to your enjoyment and understanding. Eight out of ten.

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Dances with wolves

Kevin Costner and Graham Greene in Dances with Wolves (1990)

Considering the fact that the main character ‘dances’ with a wolf only once in this 3 hour film, I feel like there is a lot of presumptions and lack of grammar in its title. This film is also very similar to another one I’ve watched. It’s called ‘ A Man Called Horse’ it’s pretty self explanatory, it’s about a man, called horse (it makes a lot more sense if you watch the film which I highly suggest that you do). I’m saying lots of negative things, but I’d just like mention that I enjoyed this film! 8 out of 10